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Apparition Mountain is the site of the first apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje. Through the guidance of Our Lady, the visionaries Marija and Ivan formed a prayer group with other youth of the village in 1984. The prayer group would meet on Monday and Friday nights, in which they would climb either Apparition Mountain or Cross Mountain, and be in prayer for several hours, singing songs and praying the Rosary in anticipation of Our Lady’s apparition. Gradually the prayer group opened up to allow pilgrims to attend their meetings. During these meetings with Our Lady, there have been up to tens of thousands of people present on some occasions. The prayer group continues to meet, even after more than 33 years since their beginning.

Today in Medjugorje, Ivan and the prayer group continue to meet on the mountain when Ivan is in Medjugorje, normally between the months of April/May to September, on Monday and Friday nights. Most often the prayer group meets at the Blue Cross, located at the base of Apparition Mountain, for the apparitions, although it still happens that Our Lady requests pilgrims to climb the mountain for the apparition. Our Lady has often said upon this mountain, during these prayer group apparitions, that She is happy to see the people gathered in such large numbers. The following message is an example of this.


June 22, 1996

“Dear children, I am happy tonight when I see you in such a large number. Dear children, I wish to tell you that I carry you all in my heart and that I placed you all in my heart. I wish to invite you, especially in this time, to pray more. Dear children, I need your prayers.”


Most people who come to Medjugorje do not have the opportunity to be with Our Lady in an apparition in the private homes of the visionaries. However, everyone attending a prayer group meeting on the mountain is given the opportunity to be with Our Lady in an apparition, to have Her pray over them with Her hands extended. To describe what it is like to be in the presence of Our Lady in an apparition is beyond words. To say it is a once in a lifetime experience also does not express the awesomeness of the experience, or the importance of being present with Our Lady to receive Her blessing.


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