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Pilgrims coming to Medjugorje should consider the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or “Confession,” a very important and necessary part of their pilgrimage. In a sense, Medjugorje is a “dumping ground ” for the world’s sins—to which Our Lady calls man in order to help lead him towards renouncing sinful habits and weaknesses. She desires to strengthen the good will in man towards living a holy life, a life that will lead to an eternity in Heaven. She wants us to be recreated through God’s grace and through our own prayers. Confession is an essential ingredient for this to happen. In fact, Our Lady even said that monthly Confession would be a remedy for all that ails the Church in the West.

August 6, 1982 (The Feast of the Transfiguration)

Concerning Confession:

“One must invite people to go to Confession each month, especially the first Saturday. Here, I have not spoken about it yet. I have invited people to frequent Confession. I will give you yet some concrete messages for our time. Be patient because the time has not yet come. Do what I have told you. They are numerous who do not observe it. Monthly Confession will be a remedy for the Church in the West. One must convey this message to the West.”


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Each evening in Medjugorje, the Confessionals pictured above are packed with pilgrims waiting their turn to be reconciled to God. Our Lady called for reconciliation with God saying in Her messages that:

“…Monthly Confession will be a remedy for the Church in the West…”Aug. 6, 1982


Many come to Medjugorje who haven’t been to Confession in 20, 30 and even 40 years. When speaking to priests who come to experience Medjugorje, it is the Confessional where many of them have come to believe in the apparitions.


Pilgrims should prepare for their Confession through prayer and reflection, considering how their sins have not only hurt them, but the people in their lives, and even how they have contributed to the evil in the world today. While in Medjugorje, one should pray for the grace to truly have contrition for their sins. We encourage you to go to Confession more than once when on pilgrimage in Medjugorje.


Confession Lines © COB

March 24, 1985

“Today I wish to call you all to Confession, even if you have confessed a few days ago. I wish that you all experience my feast day within yourselves. But you cannot experience it unless you abandon yourselves completely to God. Therefore, I am inviting you all to reconciliation with God!”


We encourage even non-Catholics to approach the Confessional in Medjugorje. Tell the priest up front that you are not Catholic, and though you cannot receive absolution of your sins, as a non-Catholic, there are graces to be received from the experience. Our Lady desires every individual to seek peace with God. On the third day of the apparitions, Our Lady appeared to Marija, crying, and there was a bare wooden cross that appeared behind Her. Our Lady said:


June 26, 1981

“Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only Peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves. For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to Confession.”


Confession is the way to peace in your lives. It lifts the burden of sin from us and strengthens us to live holy lives. Often the priests, hearing Confessions, are given a grace to understand their penitents in such a way as to be able to speak to their deepest hearts. It is common to hear pilgrims say that they have never experienced a more beautiful Confession than in Medjugorje.

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