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"The six visionaries all have different charisms; but one they all have in common is the charism of love. Knowing Marija inside and out, I can say she gives herself to the people more than any other. One can only do so by having a heart that loves. - a Friend of Medjugorje.

“To experience the beauty of Our Lady’s love, and to know that it is that love which gives itself to you, is the most beautiful thing in life.” - Marija


Medjugorje Visionary Marija


Marija comes from a family of eight, with three brothers and two sisters. She grew up at the foot of Apparition Mountain, just down the road from Vicka’s house. She was born on April 1, 1965, and was 16 when the apparitions began. Marija is described in all the books of Medjugorje as deeply spiritual, prayerful, meek, sensitive and humble. Rarely do you read of the wonderful sense of humor Marija possesses or her radiant joy, or her ability to make total strangers feel as though they are really long lost friends. These attributes are just as much a part of Marija’s character as the prayerfulness and serenity that has always been told about her.


 Visionary of the Monthly Message for the World

On March 1, 1984, Our Lady began giving, every Thursday evening, a weekly message for the parish of Medjugorje. It was Marija through whom Our Lady entrusted these messages for the parish. Through these messages, Our Lady desired to spiritually form the parish because of the special role it would play in helping to bring conversion to all the people who would come to Medjugorje from all over the world. Eventually, this weekly message evolved into the monthly message for the world, given on the 25th of each month. It was January 25, 1987, when the first monthly message was given from Our Lady. Marija is the only visionary who receives the 25th message. It stays within her memory only until she writes it down. After it is written, she no longer can repeat the message word for word. Marija has said that satan causes “great confusion” in her life on the 25th of each month. He strikes back at the one who delivers Our Lady’s healing words to a sick world. This gives evidence that Our Lady’s words each month are causing havoc to satan’s evil designs for the world.


Discovering Her Vocation 

As Our Lady began to initiate the parish of Medjugorje into an intense spiritual life through the young visionaries, Marija began to feel the pull to the religious life. She, with Ivan, under the direction of Our Lady, began a prayer group of young people, and through the years Our Lady led them towards a profound love of Jesus and the Holy Mass. It was the decision of Marija to enter a religious order, but as she began to look at possible orders to join, she began to realize that to accept the Rule of the orders, she would lose the freedom to openly witness to the apparitions and spread Our Lady’s messages. In her heart, there was no question of what her responsibility was in regards to being a chosen witness of the apparitions in Medjugorje. She could not join a religious order if it meant having to stop spreading the messages of Our Lady. It was at that point that she became open to marriage for the first time. She eventually did marry, a young man from Milano, Italy, who had been a good friend of hers for many years. Their wedding took place on September 8, 1993. They live in Monza, Italy, but are often in Medjugorje. Paolo and Marija have four sons, all whom were given Marija as their middle name: Michele Marjia, Francesco Marija, Marco Marija, and Giovanni Marija. It is interesting that Marija ended up marrying an Italian man, as one of the gifts Our Lady gave to her early in the apparitions was the Italian language. She received it in an apparition on her birthday.


 A Special Blessing of Conversion

Another great grace Our Lady has bestowed upon the world through Marija is the Special Blessing. It is a blessing of conversion that once we receive it, helps to lead us towards conversion our entire life. Our Lady once said that conversion is a process that ends only after we die. The gift of this blessing is that we can pass the blessing on to others, that will help them in the same way it helps those who have already received it. No other visionary was given knowledge of the Special Blessing. Only Marija has details concerning it, just as only Mirjana and Vicka were given the special prayers for non-believers. The Special Blessing helps Our Lady reach hearts that in many ways are unreachable, but through an act of love from one of Her children who is moved to bestow Her blessing upon them, it is enough to open a heart to grace.


The Gift of Love 

Of all of Marija’s gifts, one who is close to her believes the gift that Our Lady has given her above all others is the gift of “love.” Marija seems to be an extension of Our Lady’s love to the world. Marija gave insight to this when Fr. Slavko asked her to choose the most beautiful and the most difficult of all messages. She told him that once she had asked Our Lady if She had something concrete to give her. Our Lady answered,


“Yes, I give you my love, so that you give it to others.”


Marija then said to Fr. Slavko,


“To experience the beauty of Our Lady’s love, and to know that it is that love which gives itself to you, is the most beautiful thing in life. But, when I try to love others and to try to give that love to them, that is difficult and I often feel shame for my insufficiencies to love in the light of Our Lady’s all encompassing motherly love.” He asked her, then what can be done? Marija responded, “I pray everyday that I may be all the more open to this love of Our Lady, and that I may be able to pass it onto every person, and I pray for others that they may be able to feel this love and in turn give it to others. We are so far from loving one another and this is a sign that we are also far from God’s love. And the closer we are to God’s love, the easier we will be able to live that love and bear witness to others.” 

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