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"Ivan has a wealth of untapped information from Our Lady. When I would go to the choir loft with Marija for the evening apparition, it would only be Marija, Ivan and sometimes Fr. Slavko. Ivan would write profusely after the apparitions. Ivan knows a lot about the family and has said some of the most profound things about the family than any of the other visionaries. His writing will be the gold mine for the family of the whole world. Pray they come to light. The world desperately needs them. Ivan's perseverence to continue to go to the apparitions for his prayer group apparitions is commendable after 36 years of apparitions. When Our Lady appears on the mountain, She is the happiest and they are the longest apparitions that take place in Medjugorje. Our Lady frequently expresses Herself on the mountain to the thousands who gather. Our Lady desires the people to be in Her presence." - a Friend of Medjugorje


“The family is greatly threatened now by the disease of materialism. We work, therefore, we have not time to pray together. This is a great excuse, but it really is a great lie and most people are living this lie.” - Ivan


Medjugorje Visionary Ivan


Ivan, born May 25, 1965, was 16-years-old when the apparitions began, and typical of a boy his age, was not particularly pious. Four days after the first apparitions his mother said, “Yesterday, for the first time since he was born, I found a Rosary in a pocket of his pants.”  The apparitions forged a complete change in him. Ivan is one of the three visionaries who continue to have daily apparitions and has been given nine secrets. Though he sometimes appears bored in answering the same questions over and over again, year after year, when a challenging question comes that gives him the opportunity to share the valuable information Our Lady has given him to help man find God, Ivan’s answers are truly insightful and inspired. He speaks with quiet confidence and his character tends toward serious and pensive, though his dry sense of humor comes through from time to time. He testifies to what he has been taught through the years by Our Lady without any anxiousness for people to believe what he says is true. His attitude seems to be that each has the choice to believe or not to believe, and eventually all will know the truth, one way or another.


Ivan entered the seminary shortly after the apparitions began but experienced great difficulties, not only academically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.


“During the time I spent in the ‘Little Seminary’ in Dubrovnik, I suffered very much, truly, very much, because of my relations with my colleagues and professors.” (Those in the seminary did not believe Ivan was seeing Our Lady and so he was constantly mocked and scorned.) Regarding all the problems I had then, Our Lady said,


“Don’t worry. I will guide you through your life.”


Our Lady then asked Ivan if he wished Her to show him his future. “She revealed my future to me—until my death. My personal future is my secret. Only I know it. First, Our Lady asked me whether or not She should tell me. I’m sorry Our Lady revealed my personal future to me. (But) I’m content now and not afraid, because I know who guided me. Now, I look to the Mother who guides me and I live in complete contentment.”


Our Lady has spoken and given instruction to Ivan about today’s family and the youth and those things that hurt and attack them.


In one interview, Ivan stated that Our Lady has asked him to write a book, with Her help, about the disease of materialism, which he says is destroying the beauty of God’s people and the world that He created. The book, he said, will be released “as soon as the Blessed Mother says.” Interestingly enough, Ivan married an American girl from Massachusettes, Laureen Murphy, who is a former Miss Massachusetts. Laureen experienced conversion through Medjugorje which eventually led to her meeting Ivan. Ivan lives with his wife and children in the United States, but in the summer months he returns to Medjugorje. He and Laureen have four children, two daughters and two sons. Living within the culture of America has, no doubt, given Ivan a greater understanding of the evils of materialism than if he had remained within the region and culture in which he was born.


Through the direction of Our Lady, Ivan, with Marija, started a prayer group of young people, who began meeting twice a week on Apparition Mountain or Cross Mountain. During the prayer group meetings, Our Lady would normally appear to the visionaries giving messages and instructions. She asked them to offer their prayers for the fulfillment of her plans for the world. Although most refer to the prayer group as “Ivan’s prayer group,” Ivan states that it is Our Lady who is the leader of the group. Tens of thousands, if not millions of pilgrims have joined this small prayer group up on the mountains throughout the years. It is a great joy of Our Lady to see so many come. As in the message below, She has often stated how happy She is to see everyone gathered in such large numbers.


June 22, 1996

“Dear children, I am happy tonight when I see you in such a large number. Dear children, I wish to tell you that I carry you all in my heart and that I placed you all in my heart. I wish to invite you, especially in this time, to pray more. Dear children, I need your prayers.”


Those who come to Medjugorje while Ivan is there, have the opportunity to be present at a prayer group meeting with Our Lady; an experience one remembers their entire life. The prayer group, which began on July 4, 1984 has been meeting for 33 years. Our Lady has said that every person in the world should belong to a prayer group. “Prayer groups,” Ivan said, “are a protection from the triumph of satan.”


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