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Mirjana, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje and the first to stop seeing Our Lady on a daily basis, began having interior locutions of Our Lady in 1987 to pray for non-believers. Most people didn’t know this was taking place until 1989. Mirjana says that “non-believers” are those who “do not know God’s love.” She said that Our Lady has told her that there are times when even Her most faithful children are non-believers, that there are moments during the day that even the most faithful among us do not believe.

Mirjana now has apparitions on the second of each month. In 1997, Our Lady opened up the apparitions so that all those who want to attend may be present. These messages are usually very direct, full of direction and sometimes correction for all. Through Mirjana, one gets a glimpse of the urgency of the times we are in and the complete love of Our Lady who does not want to leave us alone, but instead stands before the Father begging on our behalf. On December 2, 2007, Our Lady gave the following message to Mirjana during her apparition. Mirjana said that Our Lady was very sad. Her eyes were filled with tears throughout the whole time.


December 2, 2007
“Dear children! Today, while I am looking at your hearts, my heart is filled with pain and shudder. My children, stop for a moment and look into your hearts. Is my Son — your God truly in the first place? Are His Commandments truly the measure of your life? I am warning you again. Without faith there is no God’s nearness. God’s Word, which is the light of salvation and the light of common sense.”

Mirjana added: “I asked Our Lady painfully not to leave us and not to give up on us. Our Lady painfully smiled to my request and left. This time She did not finish Her message with the words, “Thank you.” Our Lady blessed all of us and all the religious articles we had with us.”


Each of the visionaries’ personalities are different, therefore, the way each responds to Our Lady while She is appearing is different. Mirjana is full of emotion and a full range of expressions is displayed during her ecstasy.


Most of the pilgrimage dates for BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages are scheduled around Mirjana’s 2nd of the month apparitions. The opportunity for pilgrims to be present during one of these apparitions is life changing. BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages’ Group leaders encourage their pilgrims to experience this grace in a unique way by spending the night at the Blue Cross, which is at the base of Apparition Mountain. In this way, pilgrims can be in a position to be able to look into Mirjana’s eyes, which are looking into the eyes of the Mother of God. The vigil spent in prayer the night before prepares ones’ heart to receive the grace. Young and very old have spent the night both in heat, cold and pouring rain. None regret it. To peer into Mirjana’s face as her expressions reveal what is being discussed with Our Lady is to touch Heaven.


After each apparition, Mirjana collapses back on her heels in exhaustion and in the pain of having to be separated from Our Lady until the next second of the month. She immediately relays Our Lady’s message and it is written on paper to be read to the massive crowds that gather in as many languages as they have translators present. Priests, nuns, husbands, wives, children, sick, crippled, skeptics, atheists, believers, those seeking hope, healing and love all gather around Mirjana as the message is read. Afterwards, Mirjana heads back to her home amidst a sea of people. The series of pictures below show the realness of the apparitions. Consider the life of this one visionary and what she goes through so that the world can receive the graces of Our Lady of Medjugorje. BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages is committed to providing each pilgrim with the greatest possibility to receive this grace.



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