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Our Lady said on August 31, 1984:


“I love the cross which you have providentially erected on Mount Krizevac in a very special way. Go there more often and pray.”


Providentially means, “to foresee wants and make provisions to supply them.” Providence means “the supervision of God over His creatures.” This cement cross was ordained in 1933 by God Himself. Through His provision, with His supervision, and with man’s collaboration, the cross was erected. The cross is one of the instruments used to set the stage to host the visit of the most important apparitions in the history of the world. Who, in centuries to come, will not envy we who in this time of grace were privileged to walk this Holy Ground while the Queen of Peace visited it daily.


Millions have climbed this rock-strewn mountain, experiencing profound grace that has touched even the most hardened of hearts who opened up to prayer while climbing. The Holy Queen of Heaven has left Her kiss on countless hearts whose feet have touched this Holy Mountain. During an apparition on June 24, 1986, the Virgin Mary stated, “You are on a Tabor…” comparing this mountain to Mt. Tabor, in Israel, the site of Jesus’ transfiguration with Elijah and Moses. Was Our Lady trying to convey something to the world by such a profound statement? There can be no question as to Our Lady’s actions. Our Lady appears physically, transfigured in Her Heavenly body. She appears to the visionaries breathing, has touched them, and Marija, who receives the monthly message to the world, even received a kiss from Our Lady. One who goes to Medjugorje and prays on this mountain, while these apparitions are still occurring daily, can only be humbled at this great gift of grace being granted to the world during the window of time God grants that we have with our Queen and encountering Her on Her “Mt. Tabor.”


One cannot help but realize while sitting atop Cross Mountain, that every peak, every valley in the scene, was laid out eons ago by God. God knew the picture that He was painting on earth was a scene, which in the future, would be the stage for hosting the visit of the Woman of Revelation. At times on the mountain, you feel what Moses must have felt like, and in another moment, the Apostles; and yet in another moment, you feel crushed by smallness upon realizing the magnitude of God’s plan with Our Lady…and the privilege of just being there in the time of grace. It is a privilege to go to Medjugorje.

—A Friend of Medjugorje

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