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Caritas of Birmingham’s Mission House is operated by the Community of Caritas. St. Michael, a statue made by the community, stands in protection of what is known as the Caritas Mission House. A place which gives away the most free materials of various subject matter about Our Lady’s messages in the world, which is possible only because of Our Lady’s continual blessing upon the work that is offered to Her by the Community. Many relay when they pilgrimage to Medjugorje, their itinerary is Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain, the Church of St. James, the visionaries’ homes,and the Caritas Mission House. Many discover it is the place to come to learn, speak, and ask questions about the messages of Our Lady, and to gain help in understanding Medjugorje. The Caritas’ Mission House was titled, by one visitor, as “The Message Place.” It is only a one block walk from St. James Church.


Many who walk in the Caritas of Birmingham Mission House, relay they experience a special peace. The fragrance of Our Lady’s presence still lingers from Her apparitions to Marija in the Mission House where there is an altar and statue of Our Lady there. On several occasions, Our Lady spoke, relaying messages or favors to the community. The Mission House apparitions have been a special joy for the community and when Our Lady said, through Marija, on October 31, 1997, to the community members present, that “I want you to be Jesus’ joy,” they were bewildered, and at the same time, felt amazement that Our Lady would want this for the community. During another apparition in the Mission House, Marija asked Our Lady to go to the Field and bless the community in Alabama who were gathered at the same moment to pray the Rosary in a Field where Marija has had several apparitions. A long time friend of Marija, was present and saw during the apparition, Marija break out into a smile. The friend relayed she had not seen Marija smile during an apparition in years. Marija relayed that during the apparition, she asked Our Lady the request and upon hearing it, Our Lady gave compliance by such a big smile that it was contagious and made her smile with joy that She (Our Lady) would be in the Field to bless those gathered.

—A Friend of Medjugorje

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