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A valid US passport is required for international travel. For Non-US citizens, you must communicate this to the BVM Caritas Representative. It is your responsibility to secure proper visas if necessary.



Deposits and final payments:

For reservations, a deposit of $500.00 per person is required, along with a completed application. Full, final payment is required fifty-five days prior to departure. For bookings received after final payment date, full payment is required. No reservations can be considered “confirmed” until you have received a written confirmation/statement from BVM/Caritas Pilgrimages.

Rates are based on tariffs in effect as of this date and are subject to change when tariffs change.

Make all checks payable to:
BVM Pilgrimages
100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive
Sterrett, AL 35147
Phone: (205) 672-2000, ext. 218 Fax: (205) 672-9667


Cancellations must be made to BVM in writing.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

If received before final payment date: Charge - $25.00 per person
Between final payment date and 30 days prior to departure: Charge - $500.00 per person
Between 30 days and 1 day prior to departure: Charge - will receive only the deposit amount of $500 in refund.


Sur-Charge Notice:

It has been our goal to make our pilgrimages more efficient and affordable to all. For several years in a row we’ve offered the lowest priced full-packaged pilgrimages going to Medjugorje. As you know, tax and gratuities are a necessary part of any travel. Our experience has shown us these necessary expenses can be annoyances, which seem to always be creeping up throughout your travel. To make your pilgrimage as free from these worldly things as possible, we have arranged for all airport taxes, government taxes, bus tips, and other gratuities and domestic help and other surcharges to be combined in one lump sum of $192.00 per overseas ticket. This is again provided as a convenience for you to give you the best pilgrimage, free from annoyances, that you may be more concentrated on prayer. Please remit this payment as soon as you receive this notice.



All physical infirmities such as blindness, impaired vision, deafness, hearing loss, chronic conditions, as well as physical and mental disabilities must be mentioned in the trip application. If the passenger’s condition requires a special nurse, assistant or traveling companion, the passenger is responsible for making arrangements for accompaniment on the trip. Motor coaches in Bosnia-Hercegovina do not have wheelchair lifts, nor are there handicapped facilities in the village.



BVM Pilgrimages and Caritas of Birmingham act only in the capacity of agent and accept no responsibility for any services of any aircraft, motor coach, automobile, or any other conveyance used in connection with this pilgrimage; nor for additional expense due to delays, loss or accident to passenger or baggage occasioned by such service or sickness, war, weather, quarantine, accidents\injuries or from whatsoever cause. All such losses or expenses shall be borne by the passenger. All arrangements for air transportation are made by the respective airline companies which are not to be responsible for any act, omission, or event after the passenger has disembarked from the plane. The usual passenger contract in use by the airline, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between said airlines and the purchaser of the pilgrimage and/or the passenger.

BVM Pilgrimages reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the pilgrimage prior to departure and to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the pilgrimage if their actions impose upon or disturb the other members of the pilgrimage. The right is also reserved to amend the itinerary should it be found necessary for the benefit of the members of the group or for other reasons.




Yes, I have read all, understood, and accept all of the terms and conditions as stated above.



The term "undersigned" refers to any person signing up for a pilgrimage via, phone, mail, email, website, fax, or by any and all communication means.

The undersigned is traveling on a trip to Medjugorje, arranged by BVM Pilgrimages, a division of Caritas of Birmingham, Inc. and the Community of Caritas, an Alabama not-for-profit Religious corporation. The undersigned represents and warrants to BVM Pilgrimages, Caritas of Birmingham, Inc., and the Community of Caritas, Inc., and its agents and members the following:

1. The undersigned is at least 18 years of age, of sound mind, not under the influence of any medication, has made the decision to travel to Medjugorje freely of his own volition and neither BVM Pilgrimages or Caritas of Birmingham, Inc., the Community of Caritas agents or members has encouraged nor induced the undersigned to travel to Medjugorje.

2. The undersigned understands that neither Caritas of Birmingham, Inc. nor BVM Pilgrimages nor the Community of Caritas or its agents or members can guarantee the safety of the undersigned.

3. BVM Pilgrimages represents and is an agent for selected carriers, transportation companies, tour operators, hotels, wholesalers and service companies; all of which are disclosed principals and independent contractors. This agency is not responsible for any negligent act or omission by any of these organizations.

4. The undersigned hereby indemnifies, releases and holds harmless, Caritas of Birmingham, Inc., BVM Pilgrimages, the Community of Caritas, its members, board of directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all claims, liability, costs or responsibility relating to or arising from any injury to, death of or any damage suffered by the undersigned occurring in the past, present or future related to the undersigned’s trip or trips to Medjugorje, including but not limited to, any alleged acts or negligence.

It is the undersigned's responsibility to communicate to the BVM Caritas representative any and all physical infirmities such as blindness, impaired vision, deafness, hearing loss, chronic conditions, as well as physical and mental disabilities; also, if the undersigned is not a citizen of the US. This can be done, via phone, email, fax, postal mail, or through the comments section of the membership form of the webpage.

The user agrees to these terms, and checking the box agreeing to the terms is valid and proof of acceptance and carries with it the same validity as if the user affixes his own signature to the this form.