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Comments From BVM Caritas Pilgrims

“It was the BEST! Spiritually uplifting and definitely fulfilled my wants and needs…that of direction in prayer life.”

Yorktown, Virginia
October 2015

“I was seeking an encounter with Our Lady to help me along my conversion path and Caritas was exactly the kind of experience I was looking for. There were no side trips, no other distractions; it was a focus on the two mountains, one Church, and within that triangle an encounter with Jesus through Mary. The talks were exceptional and the focus on prayer, sacrifice, fasting, was what I wanted

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
September 2015

“Our pilgrimage was exactly what we were looking for!…the experience was truly a pilgrimage, in every sense of the word. From start to finish, it was Awesome!

Beaumont, Texas
September 2015

“Had a very wonderful and special pilgrimage in Medjugorje, which was the most spiritual experience I ever encountered…”

   Oak Harbor, Washington
September 2015

“…Each time I go, I say that was the best pilgrimage so far! This time was no different, only I think it was exponentially better than the last! If you have any desire to go to Medjugorje, whether it’s the first time or 50th time – know that Our Lady is calling you and She has plans for you…”

Lometa, Texas 
July 2015

“It was a great experience and worry and hassle free…I will always go with Caritas and recommend it to all who plan to go!”

LaGrange, Kentucky
July 2015

“My reason for going with Caritas is because I wanted a close encounter with Our Lady, and reading the materials you sent, I knew this was the best way to go. Had a beautiful experience and would love to go again. Thank you so much for making this pilgrimage a Holy one.”

Utica, New York
July 2015

“…I feel blessed to have been to Medjugorje with Caritas. It was a pilgrimage that will cause me to act. It has a profound role in the direction that my life will take…”

McKinney, Texas 
June 2015

“Caritas is the only pilgrimage I would go with, the most spiritual, most organized and most informative. Thank you, Caritas. ”

Bellevue, Alberta, Canada
June 2015

“Caritas is the only pilgrimage I would go with, the most spiritual, most organized and most informative. Thank you, Caritas.”

Pflugerville, Texas
May 2015

“I would use BVM Caritas again because of the spiritual guidance and the attention and care given to us for our spiritual growth and learning…”

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
May 2015

“BVM Caritas would be the only way I would go back to Medjugorje. Their whole heart goes into preparing each person, so that you truly have a deep profound experience while in Medjugorje…”

“…I would highly recommend BVM Caritas as an honest, trustworthy and spiritual organization that you can feel comfortable with to make sure you have the deepest spiritual pilgrimage that 
will literally change your life!… ”

Bessemer, Michigan
April 2015

“This was my second experience with Caritas in Medjugorje and if I have the means, it won’t be my last…”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
April 2015

“…this was such an inspirational trip…It was a trip I will never forget and I hope to return in the near future…”

Vineland, New Jersey
April 2015

“…I felt like this was a quality pilgrimage not a sightseeing tour. I sure learned a lot about Medjugorje and what it means to live Mother Mary’s messages at home.”

Harwood Heights, Illinois
March 2015

“I had a beautiful time in Medjugorje! The time spent in prayer at Mass, adoration and on the mountains was priceless. I felt great joy and peace in my heart. It was definitely wonderful to spend the whole 8 days in Medjugorje instead of touring other cities.”

“Thank you for doing a great job getting me to Medjugorje and helping me to appreciate Our Lady’s messages.”

L. D.P.
March 2014

“Being called to Medjugorje HAS certainly changed my life in many many ways …Thank you all I’m sooo very grateful to God for our paths crossings with all of you from Caritas.”

“Yes, it took a long time to reach this small Blessed Holy Village …I know now I was being prepared…

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
April 2014

“Thank you so much for helping me arrange my pilgrimage in March. I had a great spiritual retreat. Best trip of my life!”

March 2014

“Our trip to Medjugorje was truly a life changing experience! The walks up Apparition and Cross Mountains were a very spiritual experience... Being present for Mirjana’s annual birthday apparition on March 18, 2014, was probably the most important thing that I have ever experienced!”

“Prayer, fasting, reading the Bible daily, Confession and celebrating the Eucharist as well as well as daily rosaries have become paramount in my life, as a result of our trip!”

“The entire journey is truly ‘the real deal’ and a very special place for conversion!”

Kerrville, Texas
March 2014

“My experience surpassed my expectations. I felt blessed to be able to go... I have returned home to try to live the message I learned.”

Spartanburg, South Carolina
April 2014

“I thought the pilgrimage was run very well from the prayers we received before it started as well as the literature we received before the pilgrimage started.”

“This was the 3d time that I was in Medjugorje, but I can say that Caritas had the best planned and coordinated trip and created a prayerful and open environment to be able to understand the importance of Our Lady’s messages.”

Coatesville, Pennsylvania
April 2014

“Through Caritas of Birmingham, we experienced and learned how to reflect on the words, true love and peace of Our Lady of Medjugorje.”

“We highly recommend your Caritas of Birmingham Pilgrimages to Medjugorje to our family and friends. Again, we thank you all for the wonderful spiritual experience and peace in our hearts.”

E. & Z. R.
El Cajon, California
April 2014

“I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje and especially fortunate to have six people to share the experience with from our parish. I have no doubt in my mind that Caritas provides the best spiritual and physical experiences available. I would not hesitate to recommend Caritas to anyone for the most complete overall and best pilgrimage to Medjugorje that exist.”

Spartanburg, South Carolina
April 2014

“My pilgrimage was wonderful! That is why I always go with Caritas! 12 times! I won’t recommend any other group.”

San Diego, California
April 2014


“The Caritas leaders of the pilgrimage did an outstanding job. They were very informative, and brought us to areas in Medjugorje that would not have been known by others. In addition they kept us on spiritual track when needed. This was most important!”



“The pilgrimage was enlightening and extremely satisfying throughout the whole period of spiritual findings.”

R.K., Edgewater Park, New Jersey, September 2011

“I was elated at your organization and attention to detail both before and during... The food was wonderful, I would not ask for any changes or additives.”

B.S., Bend, Oregon, September 2011

“This pilgrimage to Medjugorje was our third in the past three years. Each year has been a very spiritual experience and we find that we keep seeking more of Our Lady’s messages and being there where she has now appeared continually for so many years.”

“Caritas brings you to special places around Medjugorje that most other groups never see, where Our Lady and the children had a significant apparition.”

“We hope to be able to go again in the coming years and it will be through Caritas.”

P.B., Smyrna, Georgia, September 2011

“This was my third trip to Medjugorje and what a wonderful pilgrimage it was. Your wonderful pilgrimage guides are so informative and such great examples of what the pilgrimage can do for a person... Thank you again for such a wonderful experience with the Caritas pilgrimages.”

A.B., Smyrna, Georgia, September 2011

“The inspiration and dedication of your lives as Caritas members is no small thing either. That and the writings of your founder The Friend of Medjugorje, have made a huge impact on me. His writings are so convincing and fearless in telling the truth I have to believe he is inspired and strengthened by Our Lady, I have to heed what he writes filtered through the messages of the Blessed Mother.”

K.S., Bend, Oregan, September 2011

“What can I say?! Ten pilgrimages all with Caritas! Every one I have met who has been to Medjugorje with another group has always commented on how spiritual the pilgrimage with Caritas was. They are right. I have always felt guided and nurtured with you.”

“I love Caritas!”

M., San Diego, California, September 2011


“This was my second pilgrimage to Medjugorje. The experience far exceeded the first. Accommodations were wonderful, food was great... I would recommend (and have done so) Caritas pilgrimages to anyone and very well may go back again... So many great experiences. It’s hard to really remember them all!”

P.C., E. Arlington, Vermont, September 2011

“My husband and I truly experienced a pilgrimage in a place between heaven and earth! We both came back with a deeper spiritual commitment to prayer, fasting, and reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist... Caritas provided a pilgrimage like no others can compare to... The hotel accommodations were perfect and the food was delicious... Caritas is and continues to be very highly respected in the city of Medjugorje. We can’t begin to thank you enough for a very special spiritual pilgrimage. I will highly recommend all my Catholic friends to see Medjugorje only with Caritas. To travel the distance we have and to have such a divine experience in a place our Blessed Mother chose is truly a gift and we can only thank you from the bottom of our hearts”

K. and G. B., Peachtree City, Georgia, September 2011

“The pilgrimage was informative, well paced, talks were direct and to the point – we knew every day what the itinerary was and the expectation to follow... This being my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje it was fantastic. I came home with a clear message of what I was to do and my purpose on this earth... If I were to grade this experience it would be an A+. I would enthusiastically recommend the trip to anyone.”

G.C., East Arlington, Vermont, September 2011


“Three words: Go with Caritas! I fell so blessed to have gone with them on this pilgrimage. Even before my trip began they started “preparing the soil’ so that when I returned home there was an abundance of fruit! I feel this deep peace in my soul which I have never ever felt in my life before! Because Caritas focuses on the spiritual aspect, God is able to do His work. I walked away with a true spirit of conversion, a new resolution to serve God and a sweet, sweet love for Our Heavenly Queen... Truly Medjugorje is a place of great graces and blessings and Caritas is very meticulous in making sure you get the ost blessing out of this pilgrimage – three more words: GO, GO, GO!

L.A., Downey, California, September 2011


“I am most grateful to have gone with Caritas... The feelings of peaceful and holy love I felt at every Mass, every rosary every Adoration, every Veneration are hard to describe. I do know that I came away with a feeling in my heart that I have an important job to do for Our Lord and Our Lady... Thank you, Caritas, for the many ways in which you made this pilgrimage so special.”

K.H., Troy, New Hampshire, September 2011


“To say that it was trip of a lifetime is an understatement... I believe that it was predestined by Our Blessed Mother with Caritas as the compass... What I can share is what I feel contributed to an exceptional and life changing experience which has greatly enriched my faith journey... From the time that I had signed up and leading up to the days of the trip, BVM was there alongside me providing a variety of spiritual material that was instrumental in getting me in the spirit of prayer, and emptying me from all things secular. There is no doubt in my mind that BVM helped prepare a strong foundation for all that would be shared with me. The pilgrim handbook set the tone from the beginning on what I would anticipate from this journey. It was a reminder that it would only be as powerful as the effort and steps that I was willing to make in preparing myself for what Our Blessed mother wished to bestow upon me... It was the places that were off the beaten path that helped to deepen the experience.”

S.S., Canyon Country, California, September 2011

“It was a time of peace, love, prayers, quiet and beauty. Thank you for a wonderful pilgrimage.”

M.E., Reno, Nevada, September 2011


“The best thing we’ve ever done in our marriage – going to Medjugorje, with Caritas. Caritas gave us many opportunities to be still and know that He is Lord, and listen and be with Our Mother, Mary. Thank God we took that invitation, if you get the invitation ALWAYS say a big YES! Lives and hearts were changed, including spouses on our pilgrimage. Caritas is the best because you’re a real pilgrim, not running around on bus after bus, you’re in the area. Less distractions, more prayerful times, more teachable moments. Thank you for your loving prayers and hospitality and helping us grow deeper as a person and in our faith.”

P. & S. C., Werribee, Australia, October 2011


“My pilgrimage was perfect! I would definitely travel with Caritas again. I have been to Medjugorje three times now... My husband loved the trip – he kept thanking me for bringing him along. He said it was a life-changing experience!

S. & M. B., Sterling, Virginia, September 2011


“It was my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje. It was beyond anything I could ever expect or anticipate. From the moment of arrival until the departure the whole experience was unique.”

“Medjugorje is holy. It’s special. It’s unique. So is CARITAS!!! Thank you for this unforgettable pilgrimage.”

L.W., Old Saybrook, Connecticut, September 2011


“My pilgrimage was very spiritual and exceptional in all aspects. I cannot begin to tell you how this has changed me as a personand my relationship with our Blessed Mother – I now say my Rosary almost daily and just this morning, I wake feeling I need to go again to experience this again... From the 1st Caritas people we met in the airport in Germany to everyone else at the hotel, they were like ‘family.’”

R.F., Marlborough, New Hampshire, September 2011

"The words 'Thank You' seem so inadequate as far as conveying how very grateful I am to the Caritas of Birmingham team for planning, constructing and executing such an awesome pilgrimage experience.  In closing, I will be forever grateful to Caritas for facilitating this amazing pilgrimage, and for guiding us spiritually to a greater peace."

Joppa, Maryland
August, 2009

“To anyone considering a pilgrimage with Caritas, all I can say to you is GO! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you if you feel Her call! It would have been worth losing my home to make this pilgrimage. It deepened my conversion and brought clarity to my life’s purpose! You cannot place a value on these things!”

K. R.
Scottsdale, Arizona
June, 2009

"...Without the guidance of BVM/Caritas Pilgrimages, I am sure I would not have gained as much as I did had I gone with another group.

"Visiting the Mission House, climbing Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, praying together as a group, walking the paths through the fields, and going to St. James Church all contributed to my being able to open my heart to Our Lady...

"...The greatness of these apparitions is so great that I can't comprehend the scope of it. But to actually live in the times and take part is simply awe-inspiring. Years from now, people will wondor what it was like to be in these presence of the Queen of Peace, and I have been fortunate to have been able to be there..."

Annapolis, Missouri
May, 2008


"My experience in this pilgrimage is life changing, because Caritas has put together a structured package which takes people from all parts of the country and brings them together as  a family...."

Hamilton, Ohio
June, 2008

"...My life is certainly changed by this spiritual experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world..."

Plantation, Florida
May, 2008


"...I heard endless hours of life changing Confessions. That's a blessing to me - since I truly missed that in my old parish..."

Fr. T. D.
Staten Island, New York
July, 2008


"...I am so impressed by how the Community prepared us for our pilgrimage. I really feel that our group was being prayed upon so that we really got a lot out of it and more...

"...Everything that we did there...climbing Apparition Hill, Cross Mountain, walk through the village, Mass, visit to the Chapel of Two Hearts, etc. we all did with so much joy. Some of us even climbed Cross Mountain more than once!!..."

Fairfield, Connecticut
July, 2008


 "...Medjugorje is the closest place to Heaven on earth. The most difficult part of my trip ended up being...leaving

Thank you for all the prayers, time and effort that was poured into my trip..."

Menominee, Michigan
September, 2008


"'Extraordinary, life changing - like visiting Our Lady in Nazareth.' Words that only begin to decribe our time in Mary's village of Medjugorje: loving,peaceful, spiritually enriching, all this and more...

"...I would never travel with another tour group to Medjugorje. Caritas required pilgrims come with a mindset the encouraged openness and a prayerful attitude. ..

"...Caritas showered us with direction, guidance and spiritual growth. We shared our meals together and were encouraged to mix and mingle. Our meeting locations and activities, varied and carefully planned, gave deep meaning to our prayer experience...

"...Medjugorje is the ultimate retreat destination; the spiritual venue of Mass, Adoration, Confession, spiritual guidance, reading materials, and holy ground offers the essentials for spiritual growth. It is a special place set aside to meet Jesus and His Holy Mother up close and personal...

"...I have once again petitoned Our Mother to arrange another pilgrimage to Medjugorje in the near future. Can't get too much of a good thing!..."

Erie, Colorado
July, 2008

"...Thanks Caritas for your prayers and spiritual guidance.  You are living angels in this chaotic world. Your dedication to the task of spreading Our Lady's messages is  incomparable; all done from your hearts. Our pilgrimage with BVM Pilgrimage, with the Caritas of Birmingham is deeply spiritual nutrients for our souls. I thank God that I chose to go with Caritas...

"...How could anyone have found a better Pilgrimage group than with the Caritas of Birmingham - from landing to take off! I'll surely take another trip with BVM Pilgrimages with whom our spiritual life is abundantly fed...

Bridgeport, Connecticut
July, 2008


 "...Well, we were asked. How was your trip? Did you have a good trip? Did you have good weather? The list goes on...

"...The response that flowed without hesitation - it was a humbling experience...

"...I now see myself in a life altering journey...

"...Apparition Hill, Cross Mountain, Chapel of Two Hearts, Adoration at St. James, and other experiences all served to bring me to the point where I am now, but a major impact on my heart has come about because of a strong sense of faith I witnessed in our group and other pilgrims I had the pleasure of meeting."

Erie, Colorado
July, 2008


“This was my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje with Caritas. I had gone on a few pilgrimages to Medjugorje with other groups, but this one was definitely the best…

"…What impressed me immensely about this particular pilgrimage was the focus on the spiritual…

"…On this trip, I received the grace to really open my heart to God and Our Lady and to pray much more consistently with the heart…

"…All in all, this pilgrimage with Caritas was spiritually tremendously enriching. I look forward to more pilgrimages with Caritas and highly recommend them to anyone thinking about going to Medjugorje.”

Trenton, New Jersey
May, 2008


“My pilgrimage is not over, for Medjugorje lives in me.”

Elk Mound, Wisconsin
April, 2008


“Like others, our pilgrimage to Medjugorje began before leaving home. We feel very honored and blessed that Our Lady put into our hearts to make this pilgrimage to Medjugorje and to make our journey with Caritaas…

"…The reading material sent to our home to prepare us for our trip seems to set the tone our travels…books gave a template of how to get the most out of our pilgrimage and how to appreciate the holiness of the area and, of course, Our Lady..."

Sacramento, California
March, 2008


“What can I say!? As always, the pilgrimage with Caritas is so spiritual! I feel that coming with you that I really live Medjugorje… the Masses, the rosary, the Apparition time each day. Medjugorje is where my heart lives! I will always take my pilgrimages with you and never cease to tell my friends/co-workers to come now to Medjugorje.”

Annapolis, Missouri
May, 2008

“I have just completed my 8th trip to Medjugorje…I have vowed NEVER to return to Medjugorje unless it is with you. No one compares…The deep prayer and spirituality has always only been on trips with you. You are focused on prayer. I feel like a true pilgrim with you as a “family”. Thank you for leading groups as you do. Please do not change . 



'How does one put into words the glory of God's love through the graciousness of Our Lady? The experience in Medjugorje was one that showed me the beauty of Our Lady and Her enduring love for each of us...

"...I loved every day..."

Tucson, Arizona
August, 2007


“Let me tell you about my pilgrimage.

…I guess my overall feeling is one of thanksgiving to God for permitting me to go to Medjugorje, for choosing the perfect Pilgrimage, and the perfect group of people to experience the holiness of Medjugorje…

…To pray up the mountains was very touching for me; to pray on the way was also meaningful. I think that everyone who climbs the mountains are Blessed by Our Lady in a special way…

…I was touched by the Croatian Mass, Adoration, and the Healing Services following Mass. The village of Medjugorje was special in a way that I cannot describe. To be there to walk the streets and to climb the hills and mountains has to experienced to be understood.”

Covington, Louisiana

July, 2007


“Thank you BVM/Caritas! I am so happy to have gone on the pilgrimage with you guys leading the way. I truly appreciate the prayerful attitude of the trip. I know that despite the immense graces from Medjugorje, if I had gone with just a tour group, I very well may not have left as impacted and changed as when I returned home from the Caritas trip.”

September, 2007


“If I would ever be so fortunate to go back, it would be with Caritas, that’s a definite.”

Tacoma, Washington

October, 2007


“I am so happy and grateful for the invitation from Our Lady to come to Medjugorje, and also glad that I could respond…for my conversion and for whatever intentions I brought…
I believe that everything that happened was important to the overall experience and my ongoing conversion and the graces I received there were very tangible. As far as I could see, and with discernment, I felt that Caritas was right on!!”

WPB, Florida

September, 2007

“This Pilgrimage was just awesome. Part of the reason is that you encourages us to pray ahead of our trip to be open to the gifts we would receive.”

Tacoma, Washington

October, 2007


“I can honestly say that the fruits of this pilgrimage are beginning to blossom. God willing, I hope to return again soon with some of my congregation and who knows more of my family..."

Fr. D.D.
Pinewood, Ontario

September, 2007


“The experience of the pilgrimage was very rewarding. Caritas showed our group more than if we had gone on our own. It will take more time to sort out my experience. I would very much like to go again.”

Alameda, California

September, 2007


“The best thing my husband and I did was going to Medjugorje with CARITAS. We had a very incredible and unforgettable trip. This has been the most spiritual encounter with God and Our Blessed Virgin Mother . We felt really close to Our Virgin Mother and we felt Her presence almost all the time..."

Salt Lake, Utah

September, 2007


“I wanted to express my gratitude for your support and commitment to us, the pilgrims that make the decision to visit  with Our Lady in Medjugorje…To be quite honest, I was not sure a second visit could be as fulfilling as my first visit…However, my second visit with Our Lady took me spiritually deeper than I have ever experienced…”

Lakewood, Colorado

June, 2007

“Could not have had a more wonderful pilgrimage…I really want to return…Thanks for the wonderful experience – I’m now trying to live it – one day at a time!”

May, 2007


“…I had a wonderful experience at Medjugorje and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It was a boost in my faith that I really needed…”

June, 2007 

“…Nothing in a person’s life can come close to Medjugorje…

Trinity Center, California
August, 2007


 “…This pilgrimage has led me to such great depths, about Our Blessed Mother that I never knew existed. My relationship has deepened with Our Lady and Jesus to a wonderful sweetness that I never felt before…I keep praying for a continued conversion daily for myself and my family. Caritas provided me “the way” and I found “the path” at Medjugorje…”

June, 2007

 “The Caritas Pilgrimage was very prayerful which is what I was seeking – more than the sight seeing tours.”

Castle Rock, Colorado
May 2006

In sharing with others on other pilgrimages, we have come to the conclusion, that Caritas was a more spiritual pilgrimage and also more of a personal contact with the people and sites of Medjugorje.”

Corona, California
April 1998


“This was my fourth pilgrimage but my first with Caritas and by far was my most spiritual one. Caritas really helps keep you on track. When I first signed up, I was attracted by the low price and thought I wouldn’t do much with the group. I did everything with the group and I’m so glad I did. I would not have wanted to miss anything. I would recommend Caritas without reservation. Upon reflection, I’m so glad that Caritas “pushes” you to be a true pilgrim.”

Jamul, California
October 1998


“BVM is what I was looking for. This was what I would have thought a major retreat would be. Please don’t change anything. Everyone was so helpful. I must tell you that I will always recommend BVM. I told everyone at home that this was ‘more’ than I ever dreamed it would be. I thank the Lord and Our Mother for guiding me to you. If I’m suppose to go again, it will be with BVM.”

Hoxie, Arkansas
October 1996

“I loved the ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ look at Medjugorje…I felt so special to be able to go to these places where so few people know about. It was a special and intimate look at who Mary is to each of us.”

Tempe, Arizona
May 2006

“Caritas made this a true pilgrimage. Without their assistance I would not have come away with the knowledge and understanding I did.”

Jackson, Missouri
September 1998


“I have been to Medjugorje twice before with other groups. My third trip and first with Caritas centered on Our Lady, Her messages, prayers and peaceful solitude. My previous trips focused on history, places, events, and side trips which caused distractions.”

Indiana, Pennsylavania
May 1998


“The best of all our five trips. The spiritually was stupendous, Heaven-sent. I am going to recommend BVM/Caritas wholeheartedly. It was the most wonderful experience of all our four other pilgrimages with some very highly respected groups.”

Wayne, Pennsylvania


“I have been with three pilgrimages and so far Caritas is the most spiritual. It was wonderful that it was a pilgrimage and not just a sight-seeing trip. It helped when we got home to keep the prayerfulness in our lives. I feel more fulfilled on the messages of Medjugorje and that my spirituality has become deeper. I would say Caritas is the only way to go.

November 2000


“This was an incredible spiritual journey - to be in this blessed village where Our Lady appears regularly, among all the many people from all over the world, here to do Her homage, the beautiful Masses and Rosaries, to be a part of the long lines going to Confession, to be present at the outdoor Holy Hours attended by whole families, to walk the Stations of the Cross, to visit Marija's home and chapel and to be present at her apparition, to climb the mountains, to see how generous the younger ones were to help the old like me and the infirm, to feel the peace when walking the paths, to be present with the whole Caritas group for daily prayers and spiritual instruction and telling of the history of the events in Medjugorje, to fast on bread and water, to share meals with all of our pilgrims in the houses we stayed, to be inspired by the two mothers carrying their disabled children and by the young man in a wheelchair as his parents and other pilgrims helped him experience the whole pilgrimage, to be present at the Croatian Mass and Rosary every evening, to kneel in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel, to share with the other pilgrims, what an incredible privilege this was.”

Springfield, Illinois
August 2005


“My heart was made over and given hope again. I would definitely recommend this pilgrimage to others due to the emphasis on piety while there.”

Montague, Michigan
September 2001


“I don’t think any other pilgrimage could be as informational or prayerful. I think Caritas offers the most sacred, introspective and spiritual pilgrimage. I am now more at peace than in very many years.”

Bellevue, Washington
October 1998


“I would recommend this to others because of the mindset of Caritas. When I was truly a pilgrim and left my ‘little comforts’ behind I was able to see God’s tremendous Providence in a way I don’t think I would have been able to if I had moved from one set of ‘luxuries’ to another. It gave God total control.”

Evergreen, Colorado
May 2006


“To anyone with a true desire to go to Medjugorje, I say, pray and turn your problems over to Our Lady. She will work out the details. Knowing Caritas and their ‘way of life,’ I expected the trip to be holy and focused on the proper things for a meaningful religious pilgrimage. I was not disappointed. Through Caritas, we were able to experience Our Lady, Jesus and peace in a truly awesome way; a way in which your heart throbs, ready to burst with love. Our experiences on Apparition Hill, on Cross Mountain, at Apparitions, at Mass, at Adoration, in the vineyards, and at every step in Medjugorje, all lead to treasures in our hearts that we were able to bring home. There is not a day by now that is not affected by our time in Medjugorje. Sometimes hearing just a few notes from a song are enough to make our joy swell in the memories of Medjugorje.”

Florence, Alabama
August 2005


“I have already recommended Caritas to others and I would go again. After being to Medjugorje, I see where people could be led astray easily, to site-seeing the beautiful cities and countryside, and shopping. Caritas provided the guidance necessary, through in-depth knowledge and spiritual support, to make this a pilgrimage and life-changing experience—not just another vacation.”

Temple, Texas
August 2002


“I would definitely recommend Caritas to others and would love to pilgrimage with them again, God-willing. I think the main reason I would recommend Caritas is the emphasis on the spiritual aspects of Medjugorje, although their knowledge of the events is second to none as well. While I think any trip to Medjugorje would be beneficial, going with Caritas made it even more so. Their knowledge of the events and emphasis on the spiritual helped me deepen my spirituality and conversion. They definitely made me feel like I was walking on Holy Ground as we walked through Medjugorje. So much so that I don’t want to wash the dirt from Cross Mountain and Apparition Hill from my tennis shoes. I only hope that I will be able to pilgrimage there again someday, and especially through Caritas.”

Willoughby Hills, Ohio
September 2001


“I love everything about Medjugorje. It was my first pilgrimage and I hope it won’t be my last. Truly, this is holy land, a place filled with grace. You people are truly God’s instrument of Our Blessed Mother’s messengers. I would and I have recommended people to go to Medjugorje through Caritas because I truly believe of your sincere work for the Glory of God. This Holy Site has touched my life and those whom I know visited here. ”

Father Phi
Houston, Texas
June 2001


“As far as I’m concerned, Caritas would be hard to top! I got more than I expected by traveling with Caritas. And I would most definitely recommend them to all my friends. We were well-fed and sheltered, did so much, saw so much, experienced so much, were given so much knowledge, and were in awe with the Caritas community members who were awesome witnesses to Mother Mary’s calling. I have already recommended this pilgrimage to other people. For one thing, I am praying more, and maybe that will help me continue to grow spiritually. Thank you Caritas community for doing what you do! I don’t think we would have ever gone to Medjugorje without you!”

Galveston, Texas
September, 2001

“I wouldn’t change a thing!! My thanks for the effort our community guide put into making our trip one we will hold dear in our hearts forever!”

New Orleans, Louisiana
June 2006


“No Comparison. From 1-10, Caritas gets 10! Have already recommended BVM/Caritas to several persons; and if possible, would certainly go with Caritas again. It was advertised as a pilgrimage and it certainly was one.”

Greensburgh, Pennsylvania
September 2001


“My experience was profound and can’t be put into words. It was like prayer boot camp! I would never go back with any other group. Caritas truly put their hearts into our trip and it made all the difference in the world.”

Layfayette, Louisiana
June 2006


“Probably my favorite part of the pilgrimage was listening to your community member tell us the little stories and anecdotes about the visionaries and the apparitions that you could never learn by just simply reading a book about Medjugorje. It’s those personal stories that really help me to see more clearly what Our Lady has been doing for these last 20 years.”

Cleveland, Ohio
September 2001


“I’ve learned so much from your talks and information on the various aspects of Medjugorje, also about Caritas, that I did not know before. And tell everyone that “Caritas of Birmingham” is the way to go!”

Hampstead, Maryland
October 1999


“I highly recommend the Caritas group because I learned so much but felt a freedom to respond to Mary’s personal call. I felt very safe under Caritas’ direction.”

De Pere, Wisconsin
April 1998


“All representatives of Caritas were absolutely wonderful. I had never met such kind, spiritually filled people in my life. They live the messages of Medjugorje. The stay in Medjugorje was so spiritually rewarding—some of which was due to the total dedication of the members of the Caritas Mission Center in Medjugorje. They were very informative without diminishing the spiritual aspects of the situation. I would look at the other groups and think to myself—I feel sorry for them, because I was certain they weren’t getting the spiritual direction our group was so blessed and fortunate to receive from Caritas.”

Lake Park, Florida
September 1997


“Caritas has made my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje one to remember. The people involved in the community are wonderful, friendly, and caring. Caritas would most definitely be a recommendation to anyone who would consider going. I am very thankful I went with Caritas. I’m hoping to go to Medjugorje again sometime, and there is no doubt I would choose to go with Caritas again.”

Milldale, Connecticut
June 2001


“If it had not been for our Caritas guide, I doubt we would have been told a lot of things. The explanations we were given were so detailed. We were given an insight to many aspects of Medjugorje and I hope that we can pass on the information to others, so that they will not be one looked over or forgotten.”

Morristown, Tennessee
August 2001

“Of course I plan to return with BVM/Caritas, but my experiences were so profound that I feel that “all” will be lead by Our Lady herself. If someone wanted such closeness to holiness, I would surely direct him or her to BVM. ”

Spring, Texas
September 2001


“I have been to Medjugorje three other times. This was by far the most outstanding SPIRITUAL Pilgrimage I have EVER had. If I were fortunate enough to be able to go again I would go with no other group than Caritas, plus this is the only group I would recommend to anyone in the future. As the Community of Caritas brought to our attention if you’re not interested in changing your spiritual life beyond what it already is, then this is not a group for you. The other groups did not concentrate solely on the messages of Our Lady and living them, we drifted off into sight-seeing. ”

Sister Shirley
Lake Placid, Florida
August 2001


“Caritas did an excellent job. I have grown spiritually. If I ever go to Medjugorje again (and I’d love to), it will be with Caritas. You have a powerful ministry. May God continue to bless all of you.”

Elk Mound, Wisconsin
October 2000


“I can’t begin to describe the spiritual awakening taking place in me since the trip. I feel my heart is opening to God’s love and peace for the first time in my life. I would highly recommend Caritas to others (in fact, I already am!) The depth of my own spiritual journey in Medjugorje in many ways I credit to Caritas.”

Chicago, Illinois
October 1999


“I believe that the Community and Mission of Caritas in Medjugorje assists an individual on their journey to holiness. Thank you so very much—as far as I am concerned, there is no other way to travel, but with Caritas.”

Lake Park, Illinois
September 1999


“The two young women from the community were a helpful source of knowledge of the apparitions and their meaning as well as a model for spiritual life.”

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
October 1999


“Caritas made the difference between just a tourist stop and a deeply religious pilgrimage.”

Birmingham, Alabama
September 1999


“Other pilgrimages I have been on were sort of disorganized and included a few side trips. Caritas was very much organized and totally concentrated on the spiritual aspect of the pilgrimage. You people are the salt of the earth.”

Hampstead, Maryland
October 1999


“Although I have several family members who had already been to Medjugorje, I specifically refused to study in depth the messages and history prior to my pilgrimage. I wanted to go with an open heart, and mind and leave the rest to Our Lady! I came away from my stay with Caritas deeply enriched and full of the Holy Spirit! I went on my pilgrimage looking for stronger faith, and came away with so much more. Although it is much harder to live Mary’s messages in our culture, Caritas gave me a strong spiritual base to continue on. It is a joy to live her messages. I recommend Caritas as often as possible.”

New Milford, Connecticut
April 1998


“In short, all I can say is that the spirit lead me to Caritas when I was looking for a group to go with. After my experience, I can see why. THIS WAS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY THAT I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER EXPERIENCE IN A LIFETIME.”

Palmdale, California
September 1997


“I would like to return to Medjugorje someday and I would not make the trip with anyone but Caritas.”

Ann Marie
North Easton, Massachusetts
August 1997


“I feel that we had first-hand knowledge and information even though we did not see the visionaries as none of them were in the village during our visit to Medjugorje.”

Lake Charles, Louisiana
September 2002


“Our guide from the community was outstanding…a God-send! Very holy and intelligent…a walking encyclopedia on Medjugorje. She shared every detail with us. I am so glad she was chosen to accompany us.”

Grass Valley, California
September 2002


“This was my first time in Medjugorje. I know had I gone on another it would not have had the spiritual impact that it did. We did not worry about running here and there. It was a relaxed paced with time for self-reflection.”

Humphrey, Nebraska
October 2001